Top 16 Fixes for Sniper Elite V2 Crashes, Errors, Stuck mouse, Can't add game, Stopped working, D3D

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The controversial Sniper Elite V2 is currently Free to Play on Steam until Thursday 10AM Pacific Time, and thousands who just got the game are experiencing black screen crashes, errors, mouse issues, game account bugs, and more. Fortunately we were able to consolidate the Top 16 issues in Sniper Elite V2 and their solutions in this very handy guide. Read on to find your fix!

UPDATE: If you were looking for Sniper Elite 3 Troubleshooting Guide, click here.

Top 16 Fixes for Sniper Elite V2 Crashes, Errors, Stuck mouse, Can’t add game, Stopped working, D3D

1. Mouse not working / Mouse stuck

Many of you are launching the game and finding that you are unable to use your mouse. This should be fairly easy to workaround by closing any background applications that may be running.

2. Can’t move or look around

Very simple solution: restart Steam and this bug will go away. If this doesn’t work:

  • Try using an Xbox Controller
  • Use WASD keys on keyboard or change controls in options menu
  • Complete the tutorial

3. Cannot add Sniper Elite V2 to library

3 things you must do: Opt out of the Steam Client beta and disable family sharing

Opt out of the latest Steam Client beta:

  1. Opting out of a client beta can be done by opening the Steam Client and clicking on the Steam button located on the menu at the top left. Once you have the menu open click on Settings.
  2. Mac users will need to choose Steam and then Preferences from the applications menu at the top of the screen.
  3. If an open beta is available or you’re already opted in, it will be displayed within the beta participation section of the Settings page. To adjust your beta participation status click the Change button.
  4. Once you’ve clicked Change a window will appear with a drop-down menu. From the menu you’ll be able to choose from the available betas. You’ll also be able to opt-out of all betas by selecting the menu option.
  5. When you’ve made your selection click Ok.
  6. You’ll then be required to restart Steam. Once Steam has been restarted it will begin updating.

How do I disable Family Sharing?

To disable Family Sharing, log into the Steam client and visit the “Family” tab in Settings, where you’ll find a button to “Manage Other Computers…” Here you can deauthorize any computer or account that’s been authorized to share your games. You can remotely deauthorize devices from the web too. Visit your Account Details online, and then select “Manage Family Library Sharing”. Using either the client or the web site, you can view all currently authorized devices and accounts and disable any or all of them.

4. How to check if Sniper Elite v2 is linked to your account

For those of you who are unsure if Sniper Elite v2 has been attached to your account, you can check by heading to your Account Details through the Steam Client.

  1. You can get to this by clicking the [username]’s Account drop down at the top right of the client.
  2. Once you get to the Account Details page you will see a list of all your previous transactions with Steam, if Sniper Elite v2 is attached to your account it will be listed here with a Complimentary tag.

5. Failed to Intialise D3D11: Error 1

To fix this, simply update to the latest DirectX Drivers. Also, update your Microsoft Internet Explorer to the latest version.

6. Game connection timed out

Temporarily disable your anti-virus while playing. Also try this lag fix to reduce connection issues.

7. Game Crashes during launch after Rebellion Logo

Three steps to fix it. Follow this:

  1. Find the folder in C:Program Files(x86)Steamsteamappscommonsniper elite v2 on your PC.
  2. Now, find the file named “binkw32.dll” and paste it to the folder C:Program Files (x86)Steamsteamappscommonsniper elite v2bin
  3. Run the game again and the game should not crash after the logo this time.

8. ‘Recommended Mode’ Error

Two things you can try:

  1. Run the game in windowed mode by pressing Alt+Enter.
  2. Go to C:UsersMY_USER_NAMEAppDataLocalSniperV2Setti ngs.ini and changing Resolution_Width & Resolution_Height inside (replacing MY_USER_NAME by you account name)

9. Failed to initialize D3D11

First make sure your DirectX and graphics drivers are updated. Then try try the following solutions:

  • Go to the partition where your Windows is installed (usually C:) then go to Users > (your name) > AppData > Local > SniperV2 and delete the “Settings” file. Once you have deleted the file, try launching the game again.
  • If this does not work for you, in the same folder, open the “Settings” file and change the option: ComputeShader = 1 to ComputeShader = 0. Save the changes and start the game again.

10. Black Screen Crash

Change your screen resolution to 1024*768 and see if the black screen goes away. Furthermore, try lowering some of the graphics settings in the game.

11. Can’t move around in prologue

Many people are finding that they are unable to move around during the tutorial and can just look through B (binoculars).

  1. Complete the tutorial by looking at all the buildings through the binoculars and locate target objects
  2. If that doesn’t work, restart the steam or;
  3. Update the game

12. Game stops working; some people have received an error message during game play.

The straightforward fix is to run Steam as administrator then verify game cache.

13. Mouse acceleration; the acceleration on the mouse may seem unnecessarily quick.

  1. Go to options > control panel > Mouse and keyboard
  2. Mouse controls are on the bottom left
  3. Disable acceleration

14. How to play the game in low setting

Playing the game in a lower setting can improve the processing speed and graphics quality. To do this, press Alt+Enter while in full screen mode.

15. Black screen error: Screen goes completely blank while the game sound continues.

  1. Edit settings in C:Users[user name]AppDataLocalSniper Elite V2 and set appropriate items to medium or lower or;
  2. Delete settings.ini file and restart the game

16. Game lag when zooming in scope

This may occur on any high quality setting and the game may be slow or lagging when attempting to zoom. To fix this, simply go to settings and turn off computer shaders.

Still having issues with your game play or want to suggest more solutions to help other players with a Sniper Elite V2 crash or system failure? Please post comments, questions or suggests in the comments section below. We will do our best to help you solve your issues for the best Sniper Elite experience but we also encourage you to help each other out. These forums run on the generosity of gamers helping each other out as well as patience from everyone to allow the developers to fix everything in due course!

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  • Stip

    So… my game crashes every time i click the “Multiplayer” button in the main menu.
    Camera pans left and then crash.

    If i try to connect via steamfriends, i get to put in a password….but then nothing happens. i remain in the main menu,

    • Which fixes or workarounds have you tried? Try deleting the settings.ini as recommended. Also make sure your PC specs are up to par, and your drivers are updated. 🙂

  • Stip

    Tried all of the above.. no joy

  • Vrenusdeathstar45

    Help! The #7 is what happens and I did what you asked me to but it didn’t help! Please I copy and pasted binkw32 and even just dragged it into the bin folder but it doesn’t work!!! Please help me! 🙁

  • Lame

    does not start the game, is not a known bug:
    pops up when the game starts unknown error.

  • Julian

    To number 15, can you be more specific about these “appropriate” items, as my file is not found in the same location and I want to be sure im setting the “appropriate” files!

  • Julian


  • Daletle

    what should i do if my sound isn’t playing? please tell me how to do it

  • Ale

    Hi, I have a error during the game, when i climb up a furniture in the 2 or 3 mission, some one have this error, pleease help

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  • alhosin

    what do you mean by computer shaders

  • sniper

    When I use scope r fire game closes I changed scope n fire buttons from mouse1&mouse2 to m&n but no use . its not a mouse problem. Please any one help me by mail

    • desperate sniper

      I’m having the same problem! Did you solve yours? If you did, plz send me an email to help me out! Email:

  • Raz

    Gamepad is not detecting in game and controller layout is unclickable pls hlp bro

  • ZakaruT

    well, none of these are working for me. Obviously you have no clue what you’re talking about. Quit posting stupid shit, that doesn’t even work.

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    basis to take updated from most recent news.

  • Cheshire

    I’m trying to figure out why the enemies know my exact position at all times in Challenge Mode. It makes it kinda tough to catch any of them off guard when they start shooting at me before they’re even out from behind a wall.

  • I have Sniper 2 in my LIbrary, purchased now DLC content which is installed but I can’t start the downloading process. Any help would be great.
    Thank you

  • kingz

    i cant play mission 3 and i start game with mission 3 the game closed to dekstop. anyone can help me????

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  • albert

    Hey, maybe im too late but lemme just ask. My sniper elite hangs after the “rebellion” logo and closes. I’ve tried your method as stated above but it still doesnt work. I’d appreciate it if you helped me out. 🙂

    • Nici M

      If you’ve noticed that the Rebellion logo at startup has no sound, and if you have any of the following installed:

      Equalizer APO and its GUI Peace
      Graphic Equalizer Studio
      Graphic Equalizer Pro
      Profound Sound CSharp

      …or anything similar, do the following:

      Before playing SEV2, either turn the equalizer off, or set your EQ to flat. Result? No more crashes.

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  • the lost gamerHD LOL

    On the tutorial y cant continue, but i get the version of 2016, when you needed to purchase. and the error is that when y gonna put an antipersonal mine on the doby of guy before i kill it, never can complete , the game reestart the scene and y cant move, only move the camera

  • Nici M

    There’s another reason for crashes NOT MENTIONED in the list.

    If you’ve noticed that the Rebellion logo at startup has no sound, and if you have any of the following installed:

    Equalizer APO and its GUI Peace
    Graphic Equalizer Studio
    Graphic Equalizer Pro
    Profound Sound CSharp

    …or anything similar, do the following:

    Before playing SEV2, either turn the equalizer off, or set your EQ to flat. Result? No more ingame crashes.

  • nouman choudhary

    Sniper Elite V2 gray screen ? any slution ????