Top 16 Fixes for Sniper Elite V2 Crashes, Errors, Stuck mouse, Can’t add game, Stopped working, D3D

The controversial Sniper Elite V2 is currently Free to Play on Steam until Thursday 10AM Pacific Time, and thousands who just got the game are experiencing black screen crashes, errors, mouse issues, game account bugs, and more. Fortunately we were able to consolidate the Top 16 issues in Sniper Elite V2 and their solutions in this very handy guide. Read on to find your fix!

UPDATE: If you were looking for Sniper Elite 3 Troubleshooting Guide, click here.

Top 16 Fixes for Sniper Elite V2 Crashes, Errors, Stuck mouse, Can’t add game, Stopped working, D3D

1. Mouse not working / Mouse stuck

Many of you are launching the game and finding that you are unable to use your mouse. This should be fairly easy to workaround by closing any background applications that may be running.

2. Can’t move or look around

Very simple solution: restart Steam and this bug will go away. If this doesn’t work:

  • Try using an Xbox Controller
  • Use WASD keys on keyboard or change controls in options menu
  • Complete the tutorial

3. Cannot add Sniper Elite V2 to library

3 things you must do: Opt out of the Steam Client beta and disable family sharing

Opt out of the latest Steam Client beta:

  1. Opting out of a client beta can be done by opening the Steam Client and clicking on the Steam button located on the menu at the top left. Once you have the menu open click on Settings.
  2. Mac users will need to choose Steam and then Preferences from the applications menu at the top of the screen.
  3. If an open beta is available or you’re already opted in, it will be displayed within the beta participation section of the Settings page. To adjust your beta participation status click the Change button.
  4. Once you’ve clicked Change a window will appear with a drop-down menu. From the menu you’ll be able to choose from the available betas. You’ll also be able to opt-out of all betas by selecting the menu option.
  5. When you’ve made your selection click Ok.
  6. You’ll then be required to restart Steam. Once Steam has been restarted it will begin updating.

How do I disable Family Sharing?

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