Top 10 Fixes for Sven Co-op Crashes, Errors, Mouse Issue, Windowed Mode, Server Crash, Lagging

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This guide is for gamers having issues running Sven Co-op properly on Steam. With a new dedicated server feature to boot, may users have been getting Dedicated server crashes, Steam validation rejected errors, severe lag, and freezing. Here are the top fixes you need to know for Sven Co-op.

Top 10 Fixes for Sven Co-op Crashes, Errors, Mouse Issue, Windowed Mode, Server Crash, Lagging

#1 Game crashes when starting Sven Co-op

This is an issue where Sven Co-op will show the background but not the menu, then crashes. To fix this, put -nofbo in launch options. Only 64 bit pc’s have this problem.

#2 Sven Co-op crashes randomly in game

In the config file found in your installation folder, set fps_override to 0.

If this does not work, run this free driver update tool.

#3 Mouse is not working in Sven Co-op

If, after Sven Co-op finishes loading (this can take a while the first time), your mouse isn’t working properly (e.g. you can’t easily click menu items) or the game window extends off the edge of the screen, try disabling any Windows display scaling settings: In Windows 10, go to Settings > System > Display and set “Change the size of text, apps, and other items” to 100%.

#4 Sven Co-op Crashes In Windowed Mode

Go to your launch settings on Steam and revert the resolution back to 800 x 600.

#5 Steam validation rejected error when running dedicated server in Sven Co-op

The steam validation error happens because you run a server and the game off of the same Steam account. This is a limitation in Steam.

Either run a server with the SteamCMD tool or make a new account for server hosting.

#6 Dedicated server crashing in Sven Co-op

Create a new account to quickly fix this issue.


Go to Steam and validate your game cache to fix this issue.

#8 Dedicated Server lag

Temporarily switch off your anti-virus and other background apps running.

  • CaptainKILL

    When I launch Sven in steam the screen goes black and then my pc BSOD’s every time no matter what launch option I try. No other game does this.