Top 10 Fixes for XCOM 2 Crashes, Error 41, VCOMP120.DLL, Geoscape, Black screen, Linux, Low FPS, Lag

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Despite XCOM 2 being the highly anticipated sequel to the XCOM series, thousands of gamers are struggling with crashes, errors, abrupt freezing, poor FPS and other game-breaking issue. We’ve listed the fixes we’ve tested and confirmed to help you out.

Top 10 Fixes for XCOM 2 Crashes, Error 41, VCOMP120.DLL, Geoscape, Black screen, Linux, Low FPS, Lag

#1 Geoscape crash

After a couple of missions when you enter the geoscape it opens without any buttons or options and just hangs there.

To fix this, load a combat autosave and recomplet the mission.

#2 XCOM 2 crashes when pressing play in Steam

Head to your library > Right click XCOM2 > Local Files > Verify Integrity of game cache > Wait and let steam download missing files
Install the latest Microsoft Frameworks, DirectX, and SP1 with this free driver update tool

#3 XCOM 2 crashes at the end of the tutorial (AMD Fix)

The game crashes upon trying to load/play the cut scene immediately following the beginning tutorial (after being bailed out).

This usually happens to AMD users, so go ahead and get AMD Driver Crimson 15.12. The crash will go away.

#4 Black screen crash fix

If you’re getting the black screen crash, the only fix we have now is the EU/EW solution. Restart pc, launch XCOM Enemy Uknown or Enemy Within, play until it crashes or freezes, launch XCOM 2, enjoy until next time you restart pc

#5 XCOM 2 Crashing on Linux

Turn off OpenVPN. Just like the original Linux release of EU/EW, a “bad” MAC address on an interface will cause the game to crash on startup.

#6 Error 41

You need to disable your background virus scan. This bug is known for users of McAfee, Avast, or Norton.

#7 VCOMP120.DLL Crash

Run this free DLL fixer tool to get rid of this particular crash.

#8 Controller support for XCOM 2

Unfortunately, you can only use the Steam Controller for XCOM 2. Xbox 360 and PS controllers will have limited functionality in XCOM 2.

#9 Low FPS and stuttering in Cutscenes

This is a huge problem right now for most users. Here’s the fix.

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