Top 10 Fixes for The Witness Crash, Error, Shadow Bug, Stopped Working, D3D11, Controls, Resolution

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If you are having fun and several problems with a new game, it could be regular in a new video game, but if you are having and awesome time a do not want any setback this is the right place to look for and if you like puzzle games, where you have to take time to get the convenient action, grab some snacks and get comfortable because The Witness PC crash is our target, do not let that the green cloud set aside your attention.

Top 10 Fixes for The Witness Crash, Error, Shadow Bug, Stopped Working, D3D11, Controls, Resolution

1. Shadow bug

This is one of the annoying bug, when you open the game and run perfectly for a few minutes the shadows are really bugged and all over the place and frequently happen on the AMD graphic cards.
Fix: look for an update from the Steam developers, they recently updated the game with the shadow bug fixed.

2. Driver crash

This is a problem that many gamers have had meanwhile playing the game and The Witness PC crash after a few hours of game.
Fix: create a custom profile game, where you put your card clocks back to normal, or without overclocking it, this is the definitely solution until an answer from the developer team.

3. The “witness64_d3d11.exe has stopped working”

Fix: follow the next steps by steps.
-Remove the “-window” and start as normal.
-During launch you should get the little config window, that’s where you uncheck “Fullscreen”, wait for the game to load and then Alt-Enter.

4. The “witness64_d3d11.exe has stopped working” if the previous one does not work

Fix: If your game immediately crashes (no config window), try right-clicking the icon and select “Run as Administrator”. Alternatively, right-click icon and go to Properties -> Compatibility -> Run as Administrator.

5. Sound bug

Fix: follow the next steps by steps.
-Right Click on Volume icon in tray.
-Select “Playback Devices”.
-Click on “Speakers” in Playback tab.
-Click “Configure” button in lower left.
-Select “Stereo” and save.

6. Steam controller configurations not being recognized

This is a problem that happen in too many games, you controller works with the game, but the game does not recognize any of the configurations changes that you make.
Fix: You have to keep the “Steam Overlay” Activated in the Steam Settings.

7. Software incompatibility

Fix: try to use the game with the software that is fully supported if the developer team says that they recommend you to use, if they say that the game properly work with windows 7, it is not by whim.

8. Baseline (Widescreen) problems

Fix: Native Hor+ support only up to 1920×1080. Higher resolutions require a manual edit to fix the default blurry rendering:

Option 1: via launch options. -width xxxx -height yyyy
Example: for 2560×1440 use parameters -width 2560 -height 1440

Option 2: via the config file; go to the game files and the following route…
The WitnessdataLocal.variables