Splinter Cell Blacklist PC Crashes, Blackscreen, Freezes, Gamepad Issues, Change Resolution, Blacklist Service Unavailable

  • Luis

    I had core 2 quad q6600 and i had some problem wit the fps so i use the affinity fuction and add only 2 cores but when i play again for sometime the game fps goes down again when i check the affinity i see the 4 cores activate why this happen.

  • Kasper

    well… i’m not able to find my problem with the game… neither here or elsewhere on the net…. my game freezes… and it starts again when i click ALT+TAB to switch to another window… the i can go into the game again and it runs… although when it comes to moving… it does the same thing again as soon as i hit a button… da fuck is this shit?!

  • i am having a crash problem when i play SvM 20 minutes into the game i crash every time it happens i am hacking a terminal and when i get back in my team mates plummet in score and i end up losing so yea HELP ME MORTAL

  • i cant open the game i have this crash when i reach to ubisoft logo πŸ™
    i did what you told us to do but it didnt works πŸ™ help us please

  • peter

    Just cant get my xbox wireless controller to work! Tried everything possible, searched endlessly too for information. Even using programs like xpadder doesn’t seem possible to get full function out of the controller (some of the ingame setting one button does 2 things ie x human shield or hold x to sprint). Anyone stumbles on this with a fix, it will be greatly appreciated.

  • how to solve: runtime error (at -1:10)

    cannot import

    • same prob as edivaldo

    • Sehran dar

      Same problem here . . . πŸ™
      Have you found any solution?

    • Sri

      Turn off your antivirus and then try mate πŸ™‚

  • anubhav thokdar

    my game just stops working at ‘paladin fourth echelon headquarters’ mission… other solo campaigns work but not the main mission… i tried changing windowsfinalstyle=0 or 2 and eyefinitymode=0 but nothing works…

  • Please I use a generic gamepad and I cant change weapons or ascess them with my gamepad

  • akhil

    installer is not working.it shows cant load iswin7logo.dll

  • DAVE

    i run game on first mission but if i complete some mission and end game on second startup Blacklist crashes. i can launch game only when I remove my save and play again

  • KneeGrowPlz!

    UBISoft is full of assholes who dont know shit! They treat us bad and expect money from us. Fuck them!