How to Fix Total War: Attila Crashes, Error 53, Freezing, DLL, Blue screen, Unpacking, Won’t Start

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Total War: Attila has been officially released on steam, and despite good efforts brought by the game’s developers , consumers have been rightfully complaining about the plethora of crashes and bugs within the game. It is alleged the game’s developers want to release another version that is more stable and without errors. Until then here are the top 10 most talked about bugs and errors of Total War: Attila and their solutions. If you have found a new bug, crash, or error, please feel free to list it in the comment section below.

How to Fix Total War: Attila Crashes, Error 53, Freezing, DLL, Blue screen, Unpacking, Won’t Start

#1 Game Gets Frozen/Crashes On Loading Screen

When you open the game this error freezes the loading screen. Sometimes this error is known to close the game entirely and go back to your PC’s desktop. The most direct solution to the problem is to update your driver’s video card. To update your video card drivers, use Uniblue’s Driver Scanner.

#2 Error 53- Too Busy Steam Server Bug

This error is caused by the anti-virus firewall. The anti-virus software will not permit your game to exchange data with the server. So by momentarily disabling your anti-virus software you will be able to fix the issue.

#3 Game Crashing Due To DLL Error

Many Total War players are all too familiar with this dreaded error. The screen pops up with “Totalwarattila.exe has stopped working because soandso.dll is missing from your PC”. The solution is to use Gamunation’s Dll Files fixer, a tool created specifically for solving Dll bugs and errors. To do so complete the following directions :

  • Download Gamunation’s Dll Files Fixer tool
  • Once its downloaded open the section titled “Install Dll files
  • Type the name of the Dll file into it and the software will then install the correct Dll in the proper directory and the game
    should be relieved of the Dll error.

#4 Bluescreen On Startup Error

This error happens when you have an incompatible driver installed. This again can be solved by using Uniblue’s Driver Scanner. Simply perform an update on your drivers to fix this error. This error might also occur when you have low physical memory. You can check your PC’s physical memory by using the task manager.

#5 Lag/Slow Performance Issues

Slow performance issues are usually related for PC’s which don’t have the proper processing speeds. Total War is a game which requires a higher end PC to run smoothly. If you are experiencing this error however one option is to lower the graphic settings and also put high priority for Total War in the task manager.

#6 Game Takes Too Much Time To Load/ “Download stuck at 100% ” Issue

This problem can solved by completing the following directions:

a) Go the directory where your Steam engine is located
b) Delete everything in it except for the Steam.exe and Streamapps folder.
c) Restart your computer and start Steam from the same “.exe” file , however not the shortcut.
d) Start the game to see if the problem is fixed.

#7 Spontaneous Crashes Error

This troubleshoot will solve the following crashes:

  • Crash on battle results screen
  • Game crashes while taking screenshots
  • Game crashes when not saved on internal HDD error
  • Game crash caused by excessive CPU use

First try to change the desktop screen resolution to the Total War ‘s game resolution. If that doesn’t work however, use Uniblue’s Driver Scanner to update your video card’s driver and also your sound card driver.

#8 Total War Unpacking Issue

For some players the game can be extremely slow at unpacking and have to wait many hours just so they can play the game. Solve this error by doing the following.

  1. Download the Gamerror’s patch from
  2. Extract the information from the downloaded files and open the patch
  3. Select the game folder, and if you used the default method to install the game , it should be C:Program Files(x86)/ Steam/SteamApps/common
  4. Select your graphics card
  5. Select unpacking issue error
  6. Click verify & patch

#9 Game Freeze Error

Resave the appdata script in order to fix this game freeze error. Do this by executing the following :

  1. Go to C> USER >ADMIN>Appdata>Creativeassembly this is where you can find the Appdata.
  2. If you couldn’t find it then you have change the settings to the “show hidden data” option.

#10 Game Doesn’t Launch Error

First authenticate your game cache files. Next reinstall the Steam program and restart your computer.

These are the most common errors and fixes thus far, if you find anything new in the meantime I encourage you to comment below so we can add it to the list. As this is a work in progress it helps us to continuously update the list when new issues arise. So please help us by contributing your own errors in the comment section so we can seek the resolutions.

  • crazydog89

    This one help me
    This is a set of steps provided by Sega support. For some users having issues starting Attila (where Attila does not start at all) this was a solution for their issue.
    If cannot start Attila at all and your drivers are up to date you could try the following.

    Please try to reset the TCP/IP status.

    NOTE: You must be logged on to the computer as an administrator to perform the steps.

    – On the Start screen, type CMD. In the search results, right-click Command Prompt, and then click Run as administrator.

    – At the command prompt, enter the following command, and then press Enter:

    netsh int ip reset reset.txt

    – Press Enter and use the second command after that:

    netsh winsock reset

    – Press Enter again

    Now restart the computer and try the game again.

  • Dave

    We were experiencing issues with atila opening and immediately closing repeatedly. The game was apparently not automatically adapting it’s resolution to match the resolution of the computer.
    The fix is simply to change the resolution of your computer to match the preset resolution of atila (1366×78). Once you’ve done this just open the game go straight into the graphics option and adjust the game resolution up to the resolution you were using on your computer originally. save the game settings. close the game. Change your resolution back to normal on your computer.
    The game should open and close normally from now on.

  • Daniel Dryden

    Does this .dll fixer also work with Shogun 2, because I have an Awsomium.dll APPCRASH?