How to Fix Rainbow Six Siege Crashes, UPlay, Steam, Won’t Start, Errors, Invitations, Sound, Lag

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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege on PC/Steam is met with crashes, conflicts with UPlay and Steam, stuttering, AMD issues, and other bugs. Here’s a compilation of known working fixes to resolve these issues.

How to Fix Rainbow Six Siege Crashes, UPlay, Steam, Won’t Start, Errors, Invitations, Sound, Lag

#1 Fix UPlay and Steam install conflict

Majority of R6 gamers are getting this issue — here’s the sure-fire way to fix it:

  1. Quit Steam.
  2. Go to C:Program Files (x86)SteamSteamAppsCommon and rename the folder “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege” to “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege bak”. (That is, add “bak” to the end of the folder name.)
  3. Launch Steam. In your library, right-click on Siege and click “Delete Local Content”
  4. Change the name of the folder back to the original name, “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege”.
  5. When you press “Install” in your library, it will find the existing installation instead of downloading the files all over again.
  6. You can now launch the game.

#2 Invite Friends / My Invitation Fix

  • Exit UPlay and start Rainbow Six on Steam, then invitations will work.
  • Another option is for the lobby leader to go to options tab -> game -> and switches team settings to “open for friends”. Then everyone joins him through uplay client (not overlay).

#3 Fix for Invalid CD-Key Issue

Go to the Rainbow Six folder in steam (Steam->Steamapps->Common->RainbowSix) and set the Rainbow Six Siege.exe to Run as Admin.

#4 RainbowSix.exe File corruption detected! The program will now terminate.

Simply validate your game cache in Steam to fix this issue.

#5 No Sound Fix

Try switching your default audio device between speakers and headphones, and see what works.

#6 Rainbow Six Siege randomly crashes mid game

Firstly, make sure you have the specs to run the game, then run this free driver update tool to make sure all the required software are up to date.

#7 Poor FPS Fix for AMD Users

Turning off XFire has proven to work for most AMD users.

#8 Rainbow Six won’t start, Missing DLLs

If Rainbow Six won’t start due to missing DLLs, you can simply Google the missing DLL files and place them in your Rainbow Six install folder. Or better yet, use this free DLL fixer tool to instantly find the needed files.

#9 Common Errors and Fixes

Here are the most common errors we’ve discovered so far:

  1. Error 8-0x00000052 – if you’re getting this, error in multiplayer, simply queuing again fixes this.
  2. Error 2-0x00000067 – fix pending
  3. Error 00000631 – fix pending
  4. Error 000000206 – fix pending
  5. Error 2-0x00000047 – fix pending
  6. Error 8-0x00000092 – Follow this guide and open your ports.

#10 Lag when playing Rainbow Six Siege

  • Disable any background applications, especially anti-virus software which interferes with your game files.
  • Try this free lag fixer to reduce server latency

That’s all we know so far of Rainbow Six Siege fixes for crashes, errors, and bugs. If you’re still getting issues after trying the solutions here, or maybe you have other working solutions, please do post in the comments section below.


    Rainbow six siege still doesnt work for me i tried everything and the game just cannot lauch

    • Michael Haner

      Same here. I get the splash box, then the screen goes black then back to desktop.


      I found a way to solve ut you have to update your graphic card pilotes


      You can download them and install them for free of the internet
      (E.g: if you have radeon graphic card type on google radeo graphic card pilot download click on the first link put un the specs of your pc and download and install it if it doesnt work just message this post again )


      Radeon* graphic card

  • Hampus Hegre Brauten

    Had Siege installed on two PCs on the same network and got Error [2-0x00000047]. Solved it by rebooting the router.

    Don’t know if this is the optimal solution, but it worked in my case.

  • Monish Alria

    will this update work with the codex version of the game??????????

  • Reshma Thakur


  • Reshma Thakur


  • Youdontneedmynameffs

    I renamed it to “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege bak” then renamed again back to the original, clicked install AND IT REMOVED THE WHOLE GAME! NOW I HAVE TO REDOWNLOAD IT~!


    • Fuck out the whey!

      me too i outta bitch slap whoever wrote this

    • ghostz6199

      same…. *sigh* i seen your comments but i have no choice but to try in order to play this freaking game and its a fcking gold edition!!!

  • Fuck out the whey!

    Good job dumbass now i have to redownload the whole thing!!!

    • ghostz6199

      same thing >:

  • ghostz6199

    wow thanks alot i tried the #1 and guess what!? it downloads again!!! WTF
    and tried it up on Uplay nothing happens when i click “PLAY”

    i have a bad feeling when doing the first one and i was right *sigh*
    i went to a bunch of discussion or somewhat and all of them didnt work and i contacted the support on uplay and i have ticket pending… i hope on the day they contacted me my download will be finished

    btw i bought the Gold Edition and it seems a waste -___-
    GTX 970
    8GB ram

  • Teemu

    when i go game i have 75fps normal and then i start playing i have blackscreen or says unkwon software and close the game or i have black screen and i can see this crosshair and bullets and etc but seeing only blackscreen
    and i can shoot and everything

  • Röbs

    My friend has this problem when he joins a match his screen is black and the game says unknown software.

  • Jtn Jtnn

    Good job, now i have to redownload the whole fucking game again because step one doesn’t actually work.