How to Fix Ghost Recon Phantoms Crashes, Black Screen, Error 80030067 and 800a00003, Lagging, Poor FPS

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If you’ve been following the game for awhile now, you know that the Steam release of Ghost Recon Phantoms in April marked the change of the game’s title from Ghost Recon: Online to what it is today. If you were one of five million players around during the beta of the original Ghost Recon: Online, chances are you gave a lot of feedback, reported crashes, and complained about all of the things that game producer, Corey Facteau, has aimed to prevent in the release of Ghost Recon Phantoms.

  • Doran

    When start the game it says 3 then it closed why ?
    please someone help

    • pat

      any progress?

  • pot

    crash mid game.. recon class.. help!!

    • Zack

      I have the same problem, it happens when im peeking out of cover and zooming in at the same time

  • player

    Perché quasi in ogni match ad un certo punto mentre sto giocando senza nessun problema ne di lag ne di altro il gioco al’ improvviso si chiude senza nessuna spiegazione

    • player

      Because almost every game at some point while I’m playing without any problem it will lag the other game ‘suddenly closes without explanation

  • player

    sorry for the English


    When i open the game , the black screen apears and crashes