DreadOut PC Review

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  • hery siswanto

    nice review you have here dude.
    i totally agree that this game should continue to act 2. I really hope that on act 2 have more difficult puzzles in there, i love horror puzzle games #whocaresmeanyway
    oh, and i want to see the sexy linda on act 2 too~ lol 😀

  • AzuraJae

    I agree with the fact that even though this is not the best game graphicallty an plotwise, it still is a very good game. In my opinion, DreadOut has the potential to becom an awesome franchise.

    I hate it when people say that the game is bad and compares it to Fatal Frame. Don’t you know that a totally INDONESIAN COMPANY MADE. They were a budget too and were not backed up by those massive companies. This game only happened because of donations, so be bloody thankful. You know, the westeners and Japanese took over and wrecked our civilization for the sake of “Uh, we’re trting to civilize this beasts.” Ofc our games can’t amount to westerners, considering they “colonized” half the planet out of greed.

    Anyways I can’t wait for Act II! I wish Linda would talk more though :/