Dishonored Errors, Performance Tweaks, Launch Crash, Unable to Sync

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  • teoffilo

    Thank you very much.

  • Jacob

    I’m getting an error saying that ” windows cannot find ‘E:steamservice.exe’. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and try again”. And “this application requires administrative access to install. Cancelling installation”. Every time I try to install. Does anyone know why??

    • crashwiki

      Hi Jacob, there’s a possibility that your anti-virus tagged the exe file as spam. Try putting it in the exceptions list. If the file is already missing, restart Steam so that it rebuilds that file.

      Hope this helps.

  • usrev2

    or just get it on PS3/xbox 360 and be part of the master race.

    • Consoles Suck

      @usrev2, get out console bitch, pc forever reigns supreme!!!!!!!!!!

  • Funkengreuven

    I’m trying to play Dishonored on 3d Vision, but the labels, shadows, & reticule are rendered at the wrong depth. Does anyone know how to turn off just the reticule? I can turn the whole HUD off in the.ini file, but that doesn’t help much. I can use the laser sight in 3D Vision instead. I can deal with the shadows & turn the labels on & off at will. I can’t find a line for the reticule, so it’s probsblly going to need a new line in the .ini file if someone knows what it should be…


  • Funkengreuven

    Get rid of intro movies:

    Go to /MyDocuments/MyGames/Dishonored/Dishonoredgame/Config/ and find the DishonoredEngine.ini file. Open file and find the following line (near the bottom):


    Change to “true” to get rid of all the startup screens (Bethesda, Arkine, Scaleform, etc…)

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