Dead Space 3 PC Fixes for Crashes, Origin Errors, Poor FPS, FOV, Lag, Cannot Start

  • Barnaby

    I couldn’t find a fix for my problem anywhere on the web not even here. My game used to run fine didn’t crash didn’t lag nothing but then when I brought the awakened dlc it doesn’t work at all anymore! It just crashes strait away as soon as I click on it wont even go to the title screen.

  • Arceth

    Uninstalling Adobe “plugins” works for me, after removing some auto-update plugins, my game didn’t crash/freeze, I hope this helps

  • Jason

    My problem isnt listed here

    Starting the gameplay crashes both the game and the computer

    I’m in a room in the alien city, which has a ramp and a walkway

  • Jason

    I figured it out

    Start the previous chapter and it corrects the problem