DayZ Standalone: The Only Survival Guide You Need

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This will guide to help you know the needs of your character in DayZ Standalone — How much they need to eat, drink and kill in order to survive. We’ve got it all, even detailed information on blood loss and gain, and details on melee weapons and guns.


Table of Contents:

  • This page: Understanding the Basics of the Game
  • Page 2: Blood, Health and Consciousness
  • Page 3: Melee Weapons
  • Page 4: Guns
  • Page 5: Guns (continued)
  • Page 6: Hunger and thirst
  • Page 7: Navigation of Chernarus

Understanding the Basics of the Game

First off, let me tell you about the day the world became what we are struggling in today. A large zombie outbreak smashed through containment in the north west of Russian Chernarus. Military forces could not stop them, they plowed through the cities and killed almost every inhabitant of that god forsaken area. Not much is known if Z Gene (the virus’s name) left Chernarus, outside contact has almost been cut. But some people survived, scattered, outnumbered, malnourished, dehydrated and dying these people began to scavenge, kill, and build their way out of the situation. That’s where you come in good sir/ma’m…

When you spawn, you have nothing but the clothes on your body and a flashlight with a spare battery in your pockets. not much to survive on, unless you like eating torches and drinking battery acid! wherever you spawn, a town will be to the coast on the left or right. Stick to the coast for the begining of the game, more chance to die, but a lot more to scavenge. Inland dangers include heavily armed bandits, Mike Tyson Zombies and less loot. Usually leaving you lost, starving, shot or just plain dying… search buildings around cities for varied loot.

Your inventory is where you store any found items. Items, depending on their type can vary in size, meaning more slots in the inventory are required. As you pick up clothing, remember to check your space before swapping out for something with less inventory space than what you already have!

Search places for this basic supply. food and drink can also be found in most types of buildings.

FOUR classes of building include:


Industrial buildings consist of large grey sheds, smaller barn sheds and even smaller… well… sheds! These buildings can contain small amounts of food/drink, basic melee weapons such as spanners or axes and vanity items such as hard hats or motorbike Helmets. Useful for a quick run through if your bored more than likely.

Residential buildings usually involve small houses or larger 2/3 story houses. Inside they spawn canned or rotten food, drink or bottles and clothes… LOTS of clothes… Change your style as you wish, but watch your inventory space.

Commercial buildings usually look like a supermarket or a corner shop. These places can have backpacks that are usefull for extra space, food and drink and basic tools like can openers! For all your can opening desires!

Finally we get to the scrumptious military structures. These usually look like cylinder sheds, Barracks building or air control towers. Some other buildings are the prison building and the police station/fire station found in some cities. These buildings have delicious loot such as HUUUGE backpacks, BADASS rifles and pistols and vanity gear that makes you look like you just ran through a battlefield to get here! Attachments for weapons can be found there if needed as well.

Whilst doing this fancy looting process, you may encounter other players sometimes doing the same thing. It is up to you how you react, learn your controls and talk to them through microphone, or just blow there head off and take what they had left. If you do desire to blow them apart, aim for the head to avoid damaging items, which brings me to our second to last subject.

Quality, Item quality to be exact. Different quality on an item means how much damage you take from hits, how you look and if it is actually able to be used at all! The quality of an item depends on if you took damage with it or where you got it from. Use found loot to upgrade the quality of an item, disinfectant, weapon cleaning kits and sewing kits can be used for repairs.

The list goes like this in quality, going down it gets worse till the point of no use…

  2. WORN

Ruined is unusable, Pristine items look and work very well.

In your inventory you have a food rectangle and a drink rectangle, as the colour changes so does your characters desire for this supplement. Red is on the edge of death from it, green means you have had it lately and you are OK. Other bars may apear, such as soaking from the rain, Hydrated, full or sick. Read other guides for full analysis.

Extra tips:

If you get to Balota airstrip, (A large militiary base) watch out for other newspawns trying to make their way in the world through killing and looting. Banditry is common in parts such as Balota and The large cities of Chernogorsk and Electrogorsk.

Do not spend too long in a militiary base, people will come. People will kill. People WILL loot…

An extra map has been added here for your use. Please enjoy our help and use it wisely!

And as a final reminder, follow the laws of:

  1. Be polite,
  2. Be efficient,
  3. And have a plan to kill everyone you meet

Next page: Blood, health and unconsciousness

Blood, Health and Consciousness

The Basics:

The player has a blood level and a health level, both of which starts at and is capped to 5000. Heath levels can be recognised by how blurry the screen is while blood levels can be recognised by how greyscale the screen is.

Blood can be lost through melee attacks, being shot, poisoning, dehydration and starvation. After being melee attacked or shot, there is a chance for the player to start bleeding. At this point they will rapidly loose blood until they bandage themselves and stop the bleeding. Having low blood makes you more at risk to shock damage, which is received from being melee attacked or shot. If the shock damage level is ever higher than the blood level, the player will become unconscious. If the player’s blood level drops below 500 they will fall unconscious regardless of shock. Health is lost by taking damage of any form. Once the player’s health reaches zero, the player will be killed regardless of anything else.

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